November 28, 2007

Spreading Positive energy . Please share your views for Voice FM Bahrain



  1. My dear friends

    I am Unnikrishnan.P ,the Chairman and Managing Director of VOICE FM 104.2 .On behalf of my entire team I would like to express my sicere thanks and regards to all the listeners who made my dream come true. This blog is meant for creative brain storming to improve your favourite radio station as the No 1 station in this Universe!!! Post your scraps …Yes some time it can be a news ,some time it can be a new sense or it can be nuisense !!!! we accept constructive criticism …Keep rocking !!!

  2. Happy Birthday Voice FM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Voice FM..
    Bestwisehs to the Voice FM Team..
    You are doing a great job..!!!

    SugandH Suresh

  4. happy birthday for voice fm

    the general question answer is LMRA


    rahim +966 507 943440

  5. Happy Birthday Voice Fm 104.2………

  6. Salam

    This is Muhammad Adnan from Manama

    1st time in my leaving a comment on any website…

    i like Fm 104.20 with Jooooooooooliiiiiiii

    it was my 1st day with Fm


    stay with me byeeeeeeee

  7. all d best……….

  8. Happy Birthday Voice FM

  9. Belated wishes of the 2nd Anniversary to all members and staff of Voice FM team 104.2. Doing great job, keep continuing.
    One request to the management to incorporate other Indian language programmes atleast for an hour in a day, in addition to Hindi and Malayalam languages. I hope u do respect other indian languages (Marathi, Kannada, Gujarathi, Punjabi etc). Looking forward to listen all Indian languages.
    Thanking you.

  10. Belated wishes of the 2nd Anniversary to all members and staff of Voice FM team 104.2. Doing great job, keep continuing.
    One request to the management to incorporate other Indian language programmes atleast for an hour in a day, in addition to Hindi and Malayalam languages. I hope u do respect other indian languages (Marathi, Kannada, Gujarathi, Punjabi etc). Looking forward to listen all Indian languages.
    Thanking you.

  11. Happy birthday, i wish you all the best………..

  12. sorry 4 the late wishes
    any way
    HAPPY BIRTH DAY ….Our dearest voice fm.

  13. hii….the new look of the website is superb…the design is outstanding…belated happy birthday to voice fm104.2……………

  14. Hi,

    Congratulation on your dive from the top to the bottom.In the second year voice fm has dived from being the best to the worst. Will someone tell the morning host to stop saying “Tension nahin lenae ka” He sound too too irritating. The blog is also very unpleasant and too black…………..Please get some good RJs like the old ones.We miss them.

  15. There should be more and more songs. The Gap between 2 songs should not be more than 30 seconds.
    In these 30 seconds, Advertisements plus RJ talking should take place. Presently, too many advertisements are there and RJs are talking too much about NOTHING. So, please ensure only 30 seconds gap between 2 songs and play more songs.
    What else do you think we need in the BEST Radio Station. Thanks for you consideration of my point.

  16. Suddenly, when a beautiful song was playing, TOYO tyres advertisement is coming up…….Such sudden break and resuming the song is irritating to the listener. Please don’t ever do that…….Please see my previous comment……I missed this out there. Thanks for your consideration of my point.

  17. A very belated wishes to Voice FM..!!!!
    I was a constant listener of voice FM and missing few classic voices in Hindi and Malayalam. I used to listen the radio on a daily basis from 5-9PM, and there were few excellent RJ’s and programs when you started the radio. Appreciate if you could call those RJ’s (if they are in town) back to 104.2 and start rocking again…!!!!!



  18. I wonder why a live-wire RJ was depromoted from Breakfast Show to Oldie Gramaphone ….this should not have happened as the mornings were so live and exciting before reaching office…….Now the new gentleman has a good voice but he sometimes casually talks like the steet guys irritating the listener like anything……….PLEASE bring back that lady for breakfast show and have somebody else for gramaphone program. thanks.

  19. Please tell me why you are not broadcasting in
    tamil. What happened to Badri and Nisha?
    Can you not get ONE person who can run the tamil show for one hour. Don’t make kerala=india….this is wrong. please advertise for good RJs in Tamil and get the tamil show rocking soon. bahrain has lots of my tamilians…so please be unbiased !

  20. belated wishes to Voice FM 104.2, all your programmes are good but you have to improve, there are only few RJ’s are doing excellent job that is shibu, malaika, and anirudh ,tell anirudh that don’t repeat his names always….all the best wishes to voice FM

  21. HELOO….

  22. I am a resident of Dammam. At the outset,let me congratulate the entire crew of 104.2 Voice FM for doing a wonderful job outside India. Some time back I used to receive 104.2 Voice FM with excellent clarity. Of late I find that the signals are not that strong and the clarity has suffered. Why is this so? What should I do to have a good reception of your Voice FM in my area? Please include more and more Hindi programs/music instead of Malayalisizing the entire channel. Of course I do like Malayalam programs but too much of anything is also not so palatable. I hope something would be done about this. Thanks, Dr.Abdul Lateef.

  23. Very Good……Best wishes

  24. I must say that Voice Fm 104.2 has deteriorated since they started. First of all the guy in the morning Anirudh and his tapori style, grow up, you are one of the worst RJs i have seen an i have travelled the world. And as far as Malaika is concerned, absolute non stop Bakwaas. Totally crap. I heard her on the radio telling on of the people who messaged to get their act together, what a snob, talentless, non professional artiste would do that. I would suggest her to open up a vegetable shop in the markets where she can ask people to get their acts together. Get back the old RJs like Juhi, Paresh, Tim, The Panjabi and Pakistani show on Friday and get rid of the current trash you have.


  25. Which ever one of you guys keep complaining and wanting to change stuff and all that crap i think you should stop cause i find it to be quite foolish of you. So please stop your dumb stupid comments, you think the guy in the morning is irritating? well guess what i think your complaining is even more irritating. god people these days with they’re stupid comments.

  26. Dear Ex Voice Fm Listener
    Please don’t be so rude.
    Mr. Unnikrishnan, MD, knows what he is doing.
    You know, Voice FM 104.2 is streaming on Internet these days and the whole world is listening to this RADIO.
    So, he will make plans for improvement, don’t you worry.
    Cheers and Good Luck
    Let GOD save Voice FM 104.2……….

  27. Wish u happy birthday belated i love this 104.20 especially anirudh saying and mallika.
    i’m very much interested to listen and really really enjoy their voice and the way of talking, but julie also is fantastic in entertaining by speaking hats off my friends.
    i would like to add anirudh as my friend i want to know whether he will be my friend or not
    thanks once again for this wxcellent team working hard for us and a great job. bhai anirudh cha gaye. Chak De.

  28. Its very funny to listen some of the comments made by ex.listener..,savier and sagar.. ha ha ha who is this ex listener,who cant reveal his name..? that it self sounds something fishy. The common requirement of these critics seems to be similar and manipulated.I am suspecting that these guys those who are involved in this mudslinging criticism has some kind of frustration..little more clearly,the pseudo solidarity towards ex rjs (who has been sacked from the channel)and the sympathy towards an “oldies choice” says it all.. and whats dat another comment..? u guys want to listen hindi songs and malayalam songs in different timings..? I am a regular listener of this channel and i heard some of the hindi and tamilsongs in between the malayalam prgms..there was a reason behind it. The Rjs were giving tribute to the legends of indian music scenario.while mentioning A.r Rehman,how can they limit his contribution only in tamil..? Adnan samy and shreya khoshal sang in 6 indian languages..actually that was an innovation and a good attempt by the RJ’S.Once in a while we listeners also expecting something new like this and we believe that music has no barriers.It is universal..eventhough the channel is catering all kind of listeners and niche segments through regular programs. what is the need ofexpressing such a regional chauvanism when a hindi song comes in between malayalam..?)Open your eyes guys.music is for integration not for descrimination.Since last one month I am keenly watching and analysing certain realities that there is a collective effort is going on to tarnish the image of voice fm.if you want solid proof, read GDN letter column. relax guys..
    let them do their duty as a media.let them entertain the listeners.blow some sound criticism and motivate them to grow up to everybodys expectation, instead of wasting your time for cutthroat criticism. alhamdulilla…

  29. Hi Voice fm, i really enjoy listening to vfm 104.2. Wish you happy belated Birthday Vfm 104.2 orange zarra hutt kay .
    Tum Jee hazaroon Saal and her saal ka ek din ho pachaas hazaar
    Mr. Chand Ki Mrs Chandni

    (Please bring back the old group Paresh Rahmat and Juhi in their previous time: Juhi in breakfast show, Rahmat morning show and paresh in the evening show. It seems kay VFM ki ronat he challi gayee hay) at present i only enjoy sometimes with anirudh and juhi in my off days

  30. Hi Voice FM Team,

    I am from Dammam.I like your programs very much. But we are missing Mr.Justin very much now a days. Where is he? Please bring back him. He is really an entertrainer we really miss.

    Please bring him back.Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

    With Regards

    Bijish Punnen
    Dammam,Saudi Arabia

  31. Mr. Unni Krishnan has selected best person for each of the segment. Anirudh keeps our coffee hot in the morning, Juhi makes us to listen to the music and complete our work before noon. Keep up the good work. You guys Rock.

  32. My dear exlistener: Do you know how to tune other Radio Stations? If so, first thing you do is to change the frequency from 104.2 to other stations, leave the RJ’s alone. They are doing excellent job. If you don’t like to hear Anirudh or Malaika’s voice, then turn-off the radio or buy some Bhajan songs and listen to them.
    Cheers my friend.

  33. Heeey Magical Malika,

    Tum Jiyo Hazaro Sal, Sal ke Din Ho Pachas Hazar…

    Wish you many many happy returns of the day…

    My e mail may not be even read by you as I am sure, there will be heavy rain of plenty of SMSs, e mails and even phone calls to make your birth day so special and full of joy.

    But I do not have regret to be drop of this rain…

    Have a wonderful day ahead…

    Warm regards,

    Hetal Vora
    3952 1465

  34. Dear Hetal,

    Thank you so muchhhhhhhhh for your lovely bday wishes.. i am so happy that u have made me a part of your life… I am really touched.. thanks again..

    Also, a big thank you to all those who have written encouraging words…. and also thanks to Ex-Listener for suggesting an alternative career for me.. 🙂 but just a question you said you are an ex-listner then how come u know what i am speaking currently???….. i guess thats the magic of VOICE FM…u jus cant live without it… 🙂 Stay Tuned in!!

    Love and regards,


  35. Dear All,

    First of all belated Happy Birth day to Voice FM 104.2. I am not a regular listener but this is the best Radio channel in Bahrain. Mostly at the time of driving listening FM 104.2, we enjoy a lot.

    Wish you all the best to improve with more advancement in future as we are watching the website is being developing and updating.

    All RJ’s are very entertainer and really good.


  36. Dear Malaika,

    Do accept our belated birthday wishes. May God bless you. You are doing a wonderful job and both myself and my wife are enamoured with your voice. Your presentations are filled with romance and an unique style which have captivated our hearts. Keep it up. We are in Dammam and many a time we don’t receive your FM 104.2 signals satisfactorily at home. I have even written about this earlier on this blogsite. Unfortunately it has failed to receive any attention. Will this message of mine reach your CEO and advise me what I should do? Take care. Wishing you many,many happy returns of the day,

    Dr.Abdul Lateef.

  37. hey,voicefm io4.2 team
    im really proud to say your team is doing excellent job specially Annirudda,Juhe & Malaika today i heard breakfast show Annirudda explained to our Listeners about l.m.r.a word to word in Hindi it was really brilliant im impressed & im sure Annirudda is one of the best RJ i ever heard on air Complete Family Entertainer even kids Love him he has a magic voice as we can see God has Blessed him with all the talents he needs to Entertain the Listeners.dear Annirudda.Juhe.Malaika we are very Lucky to have you on 104.2 you all are working very hard & doing a great job keep it up the good job
    & whoever complains i have only one questin.
    did you’ll ever heard carefully voicefm 104.2 ?
    if not then i suggest you first sit & listen very
    carefully word to word think make your self understand then im sure you will love all the Rjs & fm learn to except as it is & you will get the Best in your Life if you try to change then you will get nothing.i Listen 104.2 from the first day & im proud to say we have Best Rjs.& voicefm 104.2 is one of the Best channel in this world.!!!!!!!

  38. plz send to my friends ..this message HIS NAME IS TABISH

  39. I m looking for a number to access from Saudi Arabia, for the online programs on VOICE FM Bahrain. or an email

  40. I presume voice Fm is doing pretty good job except the time slot for hindi programmes is very less and moreover the Fm which i used to hear couple of months back is not having the same charm since paresh and Tim is no more on the Air.
    Mostly its old stuff they are playing in the night on back to back songs which is dragging.
    Hope u people can get back the cahrm as lot of listeners and not tuning coz of this reason.

  41. i dont agree completely with exlistener but most of the things he is telling is not wrong, this tapori bakwaas we have to bare for few hours in the morning.
    but i will not tell him thta Anirudh is talentless he is not that bad either.
    Malaika is a good RJ and she enthraills us well during and Ganesh dont get so mad at everybody people are just posting their views, no need to get so much worked up, it seems the FM has hired u as their Bouncer.

  42. and for Gods sake Anirudh wish the listeners with Good Morning instead of Suprabha dont communalise this FM station.

  43. Hi!
    This is Diane and i liked your earlier programmes.
    Try to improve and thanks anyways for entertaining us

  44. Hi,,,,Would like to knw where is Anirudh,,,,?? Who is the person that comes from 10-12..>>>???

    I would like to suggest to have the normal moring show till 10 with Anirudh and then instead of Gramophone from 10-12 we can have a show with mix songs on 2006 2007 from 10-11 an dthen just one hr of Gramophone is ok.

  45. Dear Voice Fm,

    HAve been hooked on to the morning shows, heard it when i was in Bahrain (december). RJ Aniruddha rocks and has a good voice and just livens up the mood and the day. 3 cheers for you Aniruddha and Voice Fm. U guys playing some good numbers.

  46. pls. add a new programme which will play out the greatest songs of the greatest music legend .. .. …AR RAHMAN.. .. ..

  47. i am from khobar.u people r doing a wonderful job.ur way of presentation is attractive.esp.SHIBU,JOHN,DEEPTY………..

  48. A very belated wishes to Voice FM 104.2
    I am a resident of Hofuf, Al Hassa (Saudi Arabia). At the outset,let me congratulate the entire crew of 104.2 Voice FM for doing a wonderful job outside India. I am a regular lisitener of you Radio Programme,My likes are old Malayalam and Hindi Classics and Hindi Ghazal.
    My humble request is to repeat the morning Malayalam and Hindi Programe during night time, as some times I miss out morning Programme.It will be nice to lisiten during ni

  49. Voicefm104.2 is complete package one can get ever.Just cann”t find out where you guys need to improov.Great job!

  50. Please add a programe which will play Kannada Songs

  51. O Voice Fm, Ever I thought about you with a lost paradise feelings because once I loose your chance but still I love, and hope I will attain you without long time. Your Programmes are superb and so nolstagic and all the best. This msg will be confusing one to readers but once it will come revealed for all.

  52. Hasraton ki nigaho pe sakht pehra hai,
    Na jane kis umeed pe ye dil thehra hai,
    Teri chahton ki kasam ae dost,
    Apni dosti ka rishta pyar se bahot zada gehra hai .. ( I am From Saudi Arabia)Dammam my name is burhan

  53. Good Afternoon to all buddies of Voice FM,
    This is my first comment to this radio channel. this time i am in Abqaiq and i like this station so much and like the voice of malaika during his programme. ok i solute to all team of this channel
    and khuda hafiz
    Irfan Raza Qureshi
    Saudi Aramco

  54. john chetta i love u

  55. This message is for Malaika ji.

    I just happened to find this blog and thought should post my first comment. Perhaps some people on this blog may not accept it, but the truth is, you bring a smile on many faces when you are ‘On-Air’. The way you manage different people, their requests, pass comments, add a touch humour, slot songs, allow adverts, birthday & anniversary session, read the news, etc., great job and all within 2 hours is commendable.

    You actually tell people that if they are not using their smile, they are like someone with a million dollars in the bank, without a cheque book. You are doing a great job and you are an asset to 104.2. Keep up the great work and many people (I am told) tune in between 5 and 7 pm, because its their magical moments (read 120 minutes) with you- cheers, Satish

  56. Hi,

    What is the email Id for sending the recipe during gramaphone session?

  57. I am not able to open online radio on 7 of the PC in tried

  58. i love only johnchettahs show…….
    songs are simply super………..
    and his voice very romantic……………….
    john chettah….
    we love u dear……….
    deepa, ancy, linda, nidhi, camy, jincy, roopa

  59. Hello! Happy Birthday from Quebec Canada. I listen your ID “Good Morning Barhain” on http://www.voicefmbahrain.com/

    It’s a “bijou”!

  60. hello,i am anjana singh.i like voice fm so much.i am from isb school.i want s request from u .i want to do show in voice fm.like night show from 9pm to 10pm or 11pm.my exam going over so jst wana come in voice fm.so please select me as a cohost in the radio.if u want to contact me please call on 36817265.please dont read this msg on the radio.its between we.i love u all people thank you so much for listeing

  61. yaro, koi to hindi me likho. vfm ka hindi show specialy gramophone buhat achha jaa raha hai. NASEER

  62. hi voice fm team its my very first comments on your channel iam from LUCKNOW and listning your FM its lok like that i hear lucknow city FM thakns a lot to feel just we are travling in our home city daily i listing your program on the way to our office as we are in Dammam we aslo ned to partcipate in ur program as all your SMS for local opreater and please tell how we send request for yoor on going program special thanks to JUHI ANIRUDH, MALIKA AMD MUSKAN FOR FEEL US THAT WE ARE IN OUR HOME

  63. Hiiiiiii…………allllll, hey juhi and malaika guys i just love your voice, every morning i is to listen juhi and in the evening malaika , juhi i cant tell u i really mad about your voice, great going juhi , malaika u also too gud ha….

    guys keep it up… pls send me voice fm number so i can request every day, from my side im from alkhobar saudia rabia

  64. as am a silent admirer of voice fm…….. hav some tips to share for the betterment of voice fm……..i think malaika should do morning show….and juhiji should b back in gramaphone………and in evenings pareshs show should b back again…realy he is energy boosters…and about malyalm rajiv should be exchanged with john to do the black and white….pradeep puravangara should improve his malabar accent…..

  65. dear voice fm,

    i am a regular listner of voice fm, last week i came to india, i tried to listen voice fm through your website but its not working, is there any problem with your website? please answer. ——zameer

  66. Assalam
    I am having internet facility with me . i mostly requesting yu that how can get the connection of FM 104.2 inmy computer so as to earing something better while on work especially HINDI songs broadcasted by yu. I hope yu are doing the best guidlines and advice please
    thanking yu
    wiyh regards

  67. juhi i love your voice
    malaika you are truly magical
    anirudh is a great rj
    pl keep the good work going
    hats off to the MD for the good selection
    you all are rocking rocking rocking and rocking!!!!!

  68. Dear Voice F.M.,
    I would like to request you increase the timings of the programme super sunset with magical malaika from 5:00P.M. to 8:00P.M.

    Thanking You.

  69. juhi g… welcome back to ur breakfast show… and to be honest… early in the morning…. ur voice really makes my day…

    am not that big fan of old songs… but i really started listening to them just because of muskaan… as the add says… our meethi muskaan.. her voice really realy suits the show.. and her choice of music is the best… i mean old songs bhi woh wale play karti hai… jin ko sunne ka mood khud ba khud ban jaata hai…

    mmmm… malaika… well she is v nice… v nice voice… and v nice say way of presenting the show… but… ab us ka show purana ho gya hai… i would say k she should try some thing new….

    and this new show RJ RIM at night…. is really AWSOME…

    voice Fm… keep up the gr8 work…

  70. juhi g…. long time back… in ur breakfast show… u used to give traffic update…. and u used to say that…

    from thr till thr thrs a heavy traffic going on… if going to wards those roads tryin divert or if ur already stuck in traffice… to keep listening to voice fm 104.2 and “rahye bilkul cool cool”

    these magical words really used to make me cool cool..:D

  71. Hi voice fm team you guys are doing wounderfull job.especialy during night all the song you guys play all are very good songs.thanks for entertaining us.

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